BFPO-adresser (för personer anställda av den brittiska armén i Sverige, informationen på engelska)

How to enter BFPO Addresses

BFPO addresses must be entered into the fields in our online order form in a specific format, as shown below for example:

Full name: Rank, Name
Address line 1: Company, Regiment
Address line 2: BFPO ### (eg: BFPO 123)
Town/City: Ruislip
County: leave field blank
Postcode: HA4 6DQ
Country: United Kingdom

The BFPO website contains a list of goods which may not be shipped to BFPO addresses, click here for further information.

Please note, that large items including bikes, frames, trainers, bike boxes and workstands may not be sent to BFPO addresses. This is a restriction set by the BFPO.

We are currently unable to remove VAT from goods and orders that are shipped to BFPO addresses. However, if you wish to place an order for the items that you require, please email us once you have received delivery, and then we can then refund the cost of VAT back to you without delay.